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Adoption & Home Study Fees

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change. Last update 4/2016.

Application Fee

Background Check Only Service (assistance in getting 4 background checks done)

Home Study Assessment Fee for Indiana Residents

Note: This is a fee-for-service only and does not guarantee a favorable home study or the placement of a child.
After one year your home study must be updated.




Addendum (during the first year)

One Year Update

Adoption Placement Services Fee – Domestic

When Match Made By This Agency

When Match Made by an Adoptive Family ($2,000 retainer due when birthparent services begin)

Additional Charge for ICPC if Out of State Adoption

Post-Placement Services

Fee Per Visit / Report (due at visit)

Other Fees

Travel reimbursement for mileage over 25 miles one-way
$0.75 / mile

Expedited home study report (less than 2 weeks after home visit)

Extra copy of home study or copy of report / document

Additional counseling services when match not made by this agency
$80 / hour

Additional Fees

Criminal history checks, attorney fees, medical expenses, birth parent expenses (up to $3,000), and interim care.