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Adoption & Home Study Fees

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change. Last update 4/2016.

Application Fee

Background Check Only Service (assistance in getting 4 background checks done)

Home Study Assessment Fee for Indiana Residents

Note: This is a fee-for-service only and does not guarantee a favorable home study or the placement of a child.
After one year your home study must be updated.



Addendum (during the first year)

One Year Update

Coordination of Services Fee

(due with home study fee)
During the home study process, if another agency has to be contacted and there are specific home study requirements by the placement agency, state, or country, an extra fee is charged for the additional time to communicate with the other agency and prepare the home study report per their requirements.

Adoption Placement Services Fee – Domestic

When Match Made By This Agency

When Match Made by an Adoptive Family ($2,000 retainer due when birthparent services begin)

Additional Charge for ICPC if Out of State Adoption

Post-Placement Services

Fee Per Visit / Report (due at visit)

Other Fees

Travel reimbursement for mileage over 80 miles round trip
$0.75 / mile

Expedited home study report (less than 2 weeks after home visit)

Extra copy of home study or copy of report / document

Additional counseling services when match not made by this agency
$80 / hour

Additional Fees

Criminal history checks, attorney fees, medical expenses, birth parent expenses (up to $3,000), and interim care.