Pregnancy Services

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Are you feeling alone, confused or overwhelmed?

We realize that talking to someone about your feelings and concerns is important to you now. We are here to listen and help. You don’t have to face it alone.

"She took care of everything I needed, she made herself available to me. If there was anything I needed, she was there for me just as much as the parents who would come to adopt my twins. She took care of things for me with the birth father I couldn’t have done. She made things go as easily for me as humanly possible."

Birth Mother

"I would be lying to say it didn't break my heart to give my children up, however even to this day I know they are so much better off than they would have been."

Birth Mother

"Thanks for keeping in touch. It's great to see he is doing so good. I know I made the right choice."

Birth Mother

"Please tell the adoptive parents thank you. I am so glad that you helped me find such a great family for my daughter."

Birth Mother

Making important decisions can be confusing and difficult. We want to help you sort through your options so you can make the best decision for both you and your unborn child.

We can inform you about your options and help you explore them.

We can provide resources to help you with immediate needs and assist you with preparing for the future.

Our birth parent services include:

  • Professional and caring counseling
  • Guidance and support
  • Prenatal education
  • Adoption planning – for answers to some common questions, visit our FAQ page.
  • Parenting preparation
  • Community referrals

Call us anytime at 219-924-2600 or 219-689-6789 to make an appointment to meet with a counselor. There is no cost and no pressure. We are here to listen and help.