Frequently Asked Questions For Birth Parents

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What kinds of families adopt children?

A wide variety of families adopt children. Some choose to adopt because of infertility. Others choose adoption because they love children and want to assist a child in need of a stable home environment. All races, ethnicities and religions adopt. All families that will be considered are thoroughly screened and prepared. So no matter which family you choose, your child will be part of a loving, stable home. Families adopting a child of a different racial background usually complete a training in racial sensitivity, live in diverse communities, and put forth an effort to support their child’s racial identity.

How do I know the adoptive family is a good family?

All families with a home assessment to adopt are thoroughly screened to determine if they can provide a safe, loving and healthy environment and home for a child. They are required to submit to criminal background checks and have a physical exam, submit financial statements, and provide several references.

Can I pick a family for my child?

Yes! You can choose an adoptive family that best fits the profile you are seeking for your child.

What if I've already chosen an adoptive family?

We can work with you to provide resources and counseling that can make an adoption go more smoothly. We serve as the mediator to make sure that both the birth family and adoptive family have the support they need.

What if my baby is born with medical problems or has been exposed to drugs and/or alcohol?

Some adoptive families are prepared to adopt babies with special needs. It is important that you share any concerns in this regard with your counselor so that we can present you with families who are prepared for a child who may have special medical needs. Of course, we also encourage expectant parents to practice good prenatal care for the health and well-being of their children.

Can I see or hold the baby in the hospital?

Yes. While you are in the hospital, the nurses and doctors will honor your choices. You have many different options. You may also decide that you may not want to see or hold the baby.

Where does the baby go after it is discharged from the hospital?

After consents are signed, the adoptive family can care for the baby.

Can I find out anything about my child after he/she is placed with a family?

Yes! We will share with you what we know. You have various options through our agency. This can be explained in more detail by your social worker. Most families are willing keep in contact by sending pictures/letters so that you can see how your child is doing. This is usually done through the agency with no identifying information (last names, address, etc.) revealed to either you or the adoptive family, unless other arrangements are made.

Does the father of my baby have to be involved?

It is best if expectant fathers are involved in the decision-making process. However, we can help you, regardless of the relationship you have with your baby’s father. There are steps that need to be taken by the expectant father which can be initiated by an attorney in order to ensure a safe and legal adoption. If the father does not wish to be involved, his parental rights can be terminated through signing a legal document, or through termination in the courts.

How much will this cost?

All counseling services are provided to birth parents free of charge. You should not owe any adoption agency, adoptive family, or attorney any money for providing adoption services.

How long do I have to change my mind?

You can change your mind at any time up until you sign the consent terminating your parental rights. Signing consents cannot take place until after your child is born. Once you sign the legal document that terminates your parental rights, your decision is final. We hope to help you reach a decision that you are comfortable with before you take that step.

What if I have other questions?

Call for confidential answers to any questions you may have.

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"She took care of everything I needed, she made herself available to me. If there was anything I needed, she was there for me just as much as the parents who would come to adopt my twins. She took care of things for me with the birth father I couldn’t have done. She made things go as easily for me as humanly possible."

Birth Mother

"I would be lying to say it didn't break my heart to give my children up, however even to this day I know they are so much better off than they would have been."

Birth Mother

"Thanks for keeping in touch. It's great to see he is doing so good. I know I made the right choice."

Birth Mother

"Please tell the adoptive parents thank you. I am so glad that you helped me find such a great family for my daughter."

Birth Mother